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What is Pathways ? 

Pathways is a simple approach to differentiated learning that engages each student at their individual level which is a good fit for a traditional, hybrid, or virtual learning schedule.

Teachers will be trained on how to implement Pathways three step process in their classroom while using each student’s most recent data. 



Whether you’re looking for someone to help provide your teachers with strategies and resources for their ACT prep classes or you need someone to come in and help motivate and prepare your students prior to test day, Buse Education Services is prepared to meet your needs.

With federal and local demands for increased accountability, educators at all levels are expected to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective data users and decision makers. Let us provide the training and support needed to take your school and/or district to the next level by making the data available within your school or district actionable for administrators, teachers, and students.  

Literacy is the foundation of a child’s success in both school and life, yet many teachers admit to feeling inadequate when given the responsibility of ensuring that their students learn to read and write.  Let our literacy specialist help support your teachers. Through Buse Education Services, teachers can maximize their students potential by providing support in the five components of reading: fluency, word walls, learning centers, and other reading and writing strategies.

Educators at all levels need job-embedded assistance as they struggle to adapt new curricula and new instructional practices in their unique classroom contexts. 


Our classroom management/student engagement specialist is ready to help your teachers make the most of available instructional time and maximize student growth by ensuring that quality, engaging, standards based instruction is taking place. Through a combination of modeling, support, and sharing of strategies that have been developed over thirty plus years of experience in public education, our specialist will help transform the classrooms in your school into a place where teachers and students alike are more likely to reach their potential.



Unlike other education services, BES has set out on a mission to give teachers knowledge and prepare them for dangerous circumstance. 



With the increased data and curriculum demands of the new Standard-Based Individualized Education Program (SB-IEP), teachers are given support in creating and collecting various student data to accurately pinpoint and write students' Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP).  



In addition to our coaching services, Buse Education Services offers a host of other support services .