Pathways Training

Pathways is a simple approach to differentiated learning that engages each student with grade level standards at their individual level. 

Teachers are trained to create units of study aligned to Mississippi Standards using the materials provided by their school district, the state, and free online resources.

After grouping based on available data (above grade level, at grade level, or below grade level), the teacher will create leveled packets for each group. 

Once the planning and grouping process have been completed the teacher will teach the whole class the new set of standards or skills.  Following the lesson the students will be given their pathway packets.  (In a traditional schedule the below grade level group would move to the teacher for small group instruction while the other students work at their desk.)


How does this work for hybrid schedules or virtual learning?


-Teach Days occur on the days the students are on campus

-Pathways (leveled practice) is provided for student to work on during their time at home


-Teach days would be presented through an online platform

Pathways – leveled practice task would be provide for students on the standards be covered.  This practice could be done through online programs, printed packets, or a combination of the two.


Benefits of Pathways to Success:

-Easily fits traditional, hybrid, and virtual schedules

-Can be adjusted to fit any grade or subject

-Students are working on their own level on grade level standards

-Reference materials such as Interactive Notebooks provide support for students when completing leveled practice

-Teach days become the face-to-face instruction where teachers are modeling and showing videos with more depth of instruction and more examples